Our Services

Not just another lawn care business...

We DIG deep to perfect your lawn!


We offer many types of seeding services. Wether if its a new lawn or a more "mature" lawn needing a face lift.
We only use super premium grass seeds for all our applications.


Aeration is one of the most important steps that a homeowner can consider taking every year. This helps with thatch build-up, nutrient uptake, longer grass roots that in turn, makes a thicker, greener, more plus lawn.
This is done in the Fall or Spring time.

Insect & Grub Control

Offered throughout the growing season. From grubworms to sodworms, we have a solution!
We also have the ability to control mosquitos, fleas and ticks.


We offer a large spectrum of services for your fertilizer needs.
When following our lawn treatment program, we will strategically apply the fertilizer during the year to make your neighbors jealous!

Micronutrient Application

These services can be added throughout the year if desired.
Applying micronutrients to your lawn will condition your soil and balance out your existing micronutrient levels.
If you're looking for that extra "POP!", here it is!

Weed Control

Do you know what the best weed control is?!
Having thick and healthy grass helps sufficate and "push out" those ugly and annoying weeds!
If a herbecide is needed, it will be applied cautiously with very little inconvenience to you and your family.